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Patients Charter

Information about Treatment

When a patient comes for treatment to the hospital, he/ she should be explained clearly in detail about the diagnosis, treatment, any associated risks, the cost of the treatment and other treatment options available. The Doctor, as well as the hospital staff should obtain the patient’s consent prior to any treatment, except in case of an emergency when it may not be possible..

Financial Consent

Before starting any treatment, the patient should get information about the costs of the proposed treatment and obtain an agreement in writing to the likely costs.

Visitors & Visiting facility

Detailed information is given about visiting arrangements. While in the hospital, visiting rights are given to family, guardians (if the patient is a child) and friends.

Information Before Discharge

Before you are discharged from the hospital, the patient should be informed about the medicines and treatment that needs to be followed in the following months/ year.

Right to redress of grievances

For the proper and smooth functioning of the Hospital, right to grievance redressal mechanism has been set in place.

Comments or Complaints

If the patient/ attendees have any concern regarding the hospital and its staff, complaints should be filed hospital to the concerned department heads and the Hospital Administration.

Confidentiality and access to your Medical Records

The patient’s personal details will be kept strictly confidential. However, there may be times when the information has to be shared or authorized by law with another health worker to assist in the patient’s care. 

Other Medical Opinions

The patient can ask for referrals for other medical opinions.

Providing accurate information

For correct diagnosis and treatment, it is important for patients to provide accurate information such as family and medical history and any other treatment that he/ she may be undergoing and the medication prescribed by the doctor or self prescribed.

Treatment with Respect and Dignity

The patient, who has come to us for treatment, can be expected to be treated with courtesy and attentiveness. His/ her ethnic, cultural and religious practices and beliefs will be respected. The patient also needs to be polite, courteous and respectful to the health care workers and other patients.

Care and Support

Nurses and allied health professionals provide vital care and support and are an integral part of the health care system. Staffs, who are attending you, should always identify themselves. Moreover, the patient should feel free and confident to discuss any issues relating to the treatment or hospital experience with them.

Right to a healthy environment

Right to a healthy and safe environment conducive to early healing and health promotion, including safe water supply, adequate sanitation, uninterrupted and stable power supply, safe management of Bio – Medical waste as well as protection from air pollution, noise pollution and infections are taken care by the Hospital management. 






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