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Medical Superintendent

Prof. (Dr.) K. H. Raghwendra

Medical Supritendent, MBBS (LNMU), MD Anaesth (Pat), MD Radio (Pat) Worked as Professor & Head, Dep't of Anaesthesiogy & Critical Care Medicine, DEAN Indira Gandhi institute of Medical Sciences, Patna

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RDJM Medical College, Muzaffarpur is one of the most prestigious institutions of state of Bihar situated in the smart city of Muzaffarpur. Our institution has grown spectacularly achieving notable success in many directions and reached up to present stage. At RDJM Medical College, we cater to the needs of students of high quality Medical Education and training and we wish the students to develop as a complete Doctor- full of sympathy and empathy for the suffering humanity There are two objects of medical education: to heal the sick, and to advance the science. Our Medical College leverages the scientific capabilities, expertise and resources to provide medical education focused on preparing physicians for the medicine of tomorrow. We have a dedicated and highly qualified teaching faculty who at every step are ready to counsel the students. An in-built system of continuous internal assessment helps the students to keep abreast with the teaching and simultaneous self-evaluation.

Sports and recreational facilities provide e students opportunities to de-stress and relax. Well-equipped laboratories for students; high-tech state of the art investigative facilities, including CT, and ICU at hospital campus provide the students the needed facilities for teaching and training There is a big library with large number of books and journals . Hostels provide good accommodation facilities; , we care for good health and overall development. Of students I am sure that a larger number of deserving and desirous students will find RDJM Medical College, as the institute of their choice for achieving academic excellence.

In the 21st century, with the progress in medical science people in general are living more years and mortality from infectious diseases have dramatically decreased but the rapid industrialization and proliferation of technology produced negative effect on our environment resulting into newer types of non- communicable and lifestyle disease, posing a great challenge to the medical fraternity. The requirement of doctors for treating the sick and doing research to address these newer disease is increasing all over the world including our country. RDJM Medical College has been set up keeping in mind the above and to meet the increasing requirements of medical doctors, who need to be equipped with the latest knowledge and skills. As the Principal and Dean I am proud to lead our institution’s commitment to improve the Bihar’s healthcare through excellence in medical education, biomedical research and patient care and fully committed to provide teaching and health care of the highest standard. through this Institution.

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