We strongly believe in creating a strong advanced academic & research environment for medical as well as allied health science students.


It is located at Manariya Chhajan, Turki, Muzaffarpur (Bihar).

General Information

We are responsible for

  • Developing excellent infrastructure, faculty base & teaching- learning environment for the comprehensive training of students.
  • Imparting transparent information about the admission procedures, fee structures, refund policies & student support services for all academic programs.
  • Empowering students with deep & contemporary knowledge and proficiency in skills for them to be confident & competent doctors.
  • Utilization of hospital facilities & clinical material as learning resources for training of undergraduates.
  • Reliable and valid student assessment mechanism.
  • Instilling the spirit of enquiry & research culture amongst students.
  • Promotion of innovative and need based student-centric best practices to meet tomorrow’s challenges.
  • Creation of competent physicians and future health professionals out of novice aspirants.

Statement of services

Hospital services

  • Provision of top standard quality care of patients by qualified doctors, nurses and paramedical and auxiliary staff
  • Continuous upgradation of patient care facilities with State of the Art Equipment and diagnostics
  • Highest value for patients’ safety and rights as under
    • Provision of full information to patients as regards their diagnosis, treatment and investigations including day to day progress.
    • Information to patients about safety of procedures performed on them followed by obtaining consent for the same
    • Facilitation to obtain a second opinion when a stakeholder is desirous of the same
    • To permit access to own records as and when requested as well as provision of discharge summary
    • Provision of documents pertaining to disease, disability and death occurring while in hospital to the patient or next of kin
  • To ensure a responsible functioning of the health care team in terms of reflections on ethics, communication and attitudinal functions and ensuring patient confidentiality at all times.
  • To participate in all National and World Health Programs for the benefit of our clientele.

Grievance mechanisms

Different college and hospital committees are functioning to look into grievances of our clientele as under. Contact information is provided in the annex to this Charter

  • Counseling committee for stress related problems
  • Grievance redressal committee in medical college and hospital
  • Anti-ragging committee
  • Gender discrimination committee
  • Student council